Binalayan Festival

Situated between the foothills of Sierra Madre and the seaboard of Laguna de Bay, Rizal Province’s first class and oldest municipality, Binangonan had conquered 72.70 sq. kilometer ground territory and its population occupies the 40 barangays of the town, 17 from Talim Island whilst 23 at the mainland. Its spectacular sunsets along the lake are dramatic afternoon scenes, which every Binangonan folk desire to witness.

Rich in historic past, Binangonan originated in the word “Bangon” which signified escalation and ascension in every downfall of its natives. Thus implicating that its people were notable heroes stood up to continue their fights and be of triumph over their battles.

Bordered by long coastline, its richness in aquatic resources led its natives in establishing chains of fishing industry not only in the town but in the province as a whole. Plenteous as its mountainous space; Binangonan is blessed by its bamboo orchards or “Kawayan” which developed its people’s craftsmanship and directed them in the export industry of the country, hence making world-class bamboo product sold at the global market.

Binangonan as a nestle of lake “lawa” and bamboo “kawayan” introduces to the world its “BINAngonan sa LAwa at kawaYAN” or “BINALAYAN” Festival which mirrored its various historic, pulsating and highly entertaining celebration which showcases bamboo products and other marine merchandises exclusively made at the leading edge of Binangonan’s culture and economy.

Unfold Binangonan and embark into an enchanting side trip at Binalayan Festival.

Caru-Caruhan de Binangonan

A relatively new tradition, this evolved from the Giwang-Giwang observance during Good Fridays. Because of the danger posed by the procession to young children, they were not allowed to participate during the actual procession. Because of this, children from Regidor St. in Brgy. Layunan came up with their own version of the “Giwang-Giwang“. They produced small images of saints and holy images much like the ones being used in the procession and proceeded to stage a procession much like the one being done by their elders. In 2013, the Sta. Ursula Parish Church adopted the tradition and educated the young children who own these small holy images on the religious implications and significance of the celebration.

Annual Traditional Ball

Held every 1st day of January, this tradition was started by then Mayor Casimiro M. Ynares Jr. for the people of Binangonan. It focuses on fun and dancing which will pave the way to a more fruitful and camaraderie-filled year of public service. It is participated in by both public officials and residents alike.

Brgy. Libid Grand Santacruzan

This annual May parade held during the feast of the Holy Cross in Brgy. Libid features the town’s loveliest ladies as they depict the search and discovery of Christ’s Cross by Queen Helena (Reina Elena) and Constantine (Prinsipe Constantino). Mr. Gomer Celestial of Brgy. Libid started this tradition in 1975 with celebrities and models posing as Reyna Elena and Emperatriz.


“Sunduan” is a street pageant tradition dating back to the 16th century. The term “sunduan” is derived from the word sundo which literally means “to fetch” and relates to an old courtship custom of waiting on one’s lady love, accompanying her to the town plaza, and bringing her home. It conveys the message that Filipinos are romantic and that their womenfolk are regarded with love and respect. This also depicts chivalry (pagka-maginoo) of the men folk. This is participated in by members of the sangguniang bayan, the barangay captains and their spouses and other prominent members of Binangonan society.


Traditionally held during the Holy week, particularly every Good Friday, the Giwang-Giwang has evolved into a more elaborate observance. Following the traditions of the burial of the dead, the Giwang-Giwang procession goes around town where the image of the Santo Entierro is being hoisted on shoulders of thousands of devotees, making the image “sway“, thus the term “Giwang-Giwang” or “swaying“.

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