Brief Origin

A number of theories has been advanced on the origin of Binangonan yet none could exactly point the real beginning of this town. Some observations can be noted thus:

  1. Binangonan is a pure Tagalog word for the place where someting or someone has voluntarily risen.
  2. All barangays and sitios from Tayuman to Talim, with the exception of Janosa, have pure Tagalog names indicating that these places could have existed even before the Spanish rule.
  3. A village in Infanta, Laguna was called Binangonan de Lampon which led some historians to theorize that settlers of the lake region could have originated from this place.
  4. The history of Taytay includes a place called Batasin whose inhabitants were believed to be the ancestors of the few remaining tribes of Negritoes. There is no Batasin in Taytay at present but there is one in Binangonan.
  5. Aetas inhabited Binangonan until 1928. Evidence of their culture are found in Lungga Ita in Pila-pila and in Aeta words like Wawa and Ithan.

Historical Background

Christianization of the Natives

Political History

Spanish Period

American Period

Japanese Occupation

Period of Independence