Mayor Engr. Cesar M. Ynares
Hon. Engr. Cesar Martin Ynares

Engineer Cesar Martin Ynares may have come from a well-known political clan, but he did not bank on this alone to win the trust of the people of Binangonan. Instead, he has proven his intellect, demonstrated his administrative skills and manifested his concern for the others, resulting to his re-election as the 14th Municipal Mayor of this town.

Born on April 9, 1952 in Manila, Mayor Cesar is the seventh in a brood of nine children who were raised by their parents, Casimiro Aristorenas Ynares, Sr. and Consolacion Ison Martin right here in Binangonan.

Even at young age, Mayor Cesar has always been humble and down to earth. He never considered his family’s elevated status as a basis in choosing his friends. He actually enjoyed the company of the simple boys in their neighborhood and classmates who attended the same school with him during their primary days. Such friendship lasted for decades as Mayor Cesar remains connected and bonded with them until now.

Mayor Cesar graduated from the Binangonan Elementary School in 1965 and finished his secondary education from the Binangonan Catholic High School in 1969. His patience and diligence enabled him to earn a degree in Bachelor of Science, Major in Chemical Engineering from the Royal and Pontifical University, the University of Santo Tomas in 1974.

Some years after, he got married and became the loving husband of Dra. Rose Martha Callanta, the daughter of another former local government official of Binangonan. Mayor Cesar is a doting father to their four children – Russel Guiller, Clarissa, Criselda and Rochelle.

He occupied technical and managerial positions in various cement companies for more than a decade and attended relevant seminars, among them conducted by the Asian Institute of Management, which further strengthened his leadership abilities.

After retiring the Rizal Cement Corporation, he decided to continue his family’s legacy and was successful in running for his mayoralty candidacy during the 1998 local elections. He served for 3 consecutive terms and ran unopposed during his last term.

The slogan “BEST BINANGONAN” became Mayor Cesar’s motivation for his political comeback in 2016. He worked on the local governments restricting for the achievement of economic growth and development. With a vision of improving the quality of life in this town, he has made the following as his administration’s priorities:

  • Focus on investments and business opportunities
  • Elimination of red tape and corruption through the implementation of a “one-stop” shop for faster and more efficient processing of the government transactions
  • Creation of a more friendly environment for small and medium entrepreneurs to achieve higher revenues
  • Improvement of the public infrastructure and safety structures
  • Promotion of social services like livelihood, education, health and sanitation, child welfare and senior citizen programs As he occupies this important position for the second time, Mayor Cesar no doubt determines well the needs of this locality, works hard to provide them and makes sure that the Municipality of Binangonan gets only the best.